Race Music, or I Miss That Guy

28 12 2016

The Grand Theft Auto games are a lot of fun, but for my money, one of the most enjoyable parts of the 3D outings was the ability (sadly absent in some of the later titles, at least on the Xbox 360) to create your own music playlists. Several of my friends and I would craft our own lists, always keeping things prior to the year portrayed in the game in question, and the results were pure gold. We’d share what we came up with, and as the lists usually didn’t have a whole lot of overlap, we’d end up introduced to or reminded of tons of great music.

Microsoft released Forza Horizon 3 not long ago, and it was the first title to make use of the Xbox One’s new background music feature, which allows music to be served up as game background by any app that’s configured to do so. Around the same time, I read this post over at Slacktivist (love me some Slacktivist), which reminded me of the utterly ridiculous term (and furor over) “race music” back in the early days of rock ‘n roll. Those two things (combined with the fact that I love both variants of the Forza series, the heavy simulation of Forza Motorsport and the open-world “let’s see how far I can fling this Fiat” wackiness of the Horizon games) made me bound and determined to create a playlist for FH3 and name it (of course) “Race Music.”

Over the holiday, I finally did just that. I’ve been listening to it while working, and I don’t want to boast or anything, but it’s downright superb.

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