Hey Evangelical Christians, or On Antichrist(s)

10 03 2017

Hey evangelical Christians! I have some things I want to run by you. I’m a Jew, and I haven’t read the Christian bible cover to cover, so there may be gaps in my understanding, but I get the broad strokes, and I’ve done a decent amount of reading about specific concepts. What I’m offering here is an outsider’s take on things. Very often, outsider interpretations can be off the mark and even just plain wrong, but they can also be insightful and helpful by offering a fresh perspective. I’m aiming for the second one.

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These are Dangerous Days, or How to Fight the Fire This Time

8 12 2015

Some long time ago, back in my first, fresh out of high school attempt at college, I had an idea – an idea I dearly loved, but knew would be received very poorly by a lot of people – 32 Short Films About Adolf Hitler (an obvious nod to 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, and probably more directly to The Simpsons episode “22 Short Films About Springfield”). Short films about Hitler aren’t in themselves objectionable, but here’s the kicker – they were all to be slapstick and absurdist comedy.

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