Hey Evangelical Christians, or On Antichrist(s)

10 03 2017

Hey evangelical Christians! I have some things¬†I want to run by you. I’m a Jew, and I haven’t read the Christian bible cover to cover, so there may be gaps in my understanding, but I get the broad strokes, and I’ve done a decent amount of reading about specific concepts. What I’m offering here is an outsider’s take on things. Very often, outsider interpretations can be off the mark and even just plain wrong, but they can also be insightful and helpful by offering a fresh perspective. I’m aiming for the second one.

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Black Lives Matter, or My Fellow Whitemericans

4 10 2016

I’ve been thinking a lot about Black Lives Matter over the past couple of months, because I am alive and have at least two functioning brain cells to rub together. It’s kind of unavoidable. As I’ve thought about it, I’ve wanted to write something, but I kept thinking that as a white person, I’m an outsider, and there’s just not much I can add to the discussion. Still, my brain kept rumbling around the issue, framing it and reframing it, and I finally realized that there is something I can add, albeit not something particularly unique. As a white person, I can hopefully speak to other white people who are struggling with recent events, as well as those who have a negative view of the activists and issues of the movement. So I’m going to try to do that here.

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Leslie Jones, or I Got Questions ‘Bout Your Life If You’re So Ready to Kill

25 08 2016

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Individual Guilt, or No (Non-White) Man is an Island

15 07 2015

There’s a frustrating trend in the reporting and discussion of recent events that I’d like to point out (though many far smarter than me already have done so, so I’m just being self-indulgent). It’s “frustrating” to me, a white man, so I can only imagine it’s something orders of magnitude worse – galling, horrifying, infuriating, soul-crushing? – to people of color. It is the way we look at crimes and perpetrators. Those committed by white people are the tragic acts of mentally ill loners, while those committed by people of color (or even those committed¬†against people of color) are clear indications of how communities of color need to change their behavior.

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