I talk a lot. Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll say “Oh, yeah, he talks a lot.”  And like many people who talk a lot, I’ve got opinions. Big, boisterous ones, full of vim, vigor, and absolute certainty that they’re in the right. Well, maybe not absolute certainty. A pretty good feeling. A general sense of not-entirely-wrongness.

And a song to sing.

Wait, no, scratch that last part. No songs.

Where was I? Oh, yes, my opinions, and my talking. Opinions about what, you ask? Talking about what? Why, anything that strikes my fancy! Isn’t that what blogs are all about? Of course it is. A more reasonable question, then, would be “What strikes your fancy?”

Nerd stuff, mainly. Really.

I am a game designer in training, hoping to make games that confuse, confound, and challenge players to think more about the world in which they live. Expect to read about my opinions of games that either approach that ideal or never come anywhere close (and any others I might feel like talking about). Sometimes I’ll talk about games as sociological artifacts, or political statements, or that ever-so-lofty and well-trodden path of “games as art.” Sometimes I’ll talk about gameplay mechanics or industry moves or some other variety of “inside baseball” nitty-gritty that makes normal people’s eyes cross.

I’m also a great fan of good science fiction (and a scathing critic of the dreck that makes up the other 99% of the genre). Expect some talk about that, too.

I’m also a loony leftist, and my politics will probably make more than sporadic appearances here. I’ll try to give fair warning so that those who find such things distasteful can steer clear before having their delicate sensibilities all ruffled by my progressive rantings.

In the long run, I’m just some guy who talks a lot who decided the internet could really use another guy who talks a lot. Welcome to my shouting parlor.


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