News From Under the Banner of the Rat’s Anus, or The Beat Goes On

17 10 2014

In the days since I posted about #GamerGate, another female game developer, Brianna Wu, has been threatened with horrific sexual violence, murder, and the murder of her family, with the person making the threats publishing her home address. Anita Sarkeesian cancelled a lecture at Utah State University when officials told her they would not be able to keep the forum gun-free, despite someone threatening to commit the worst school shooting in US history if she spoke. What horrible crime did these women commit? They expressed their opinions. For nothing more than that, Wu was threatened with strangulation with her husband’s severed genitals, followed by brutal rape. Sarkeesian has seen herself made the subject of an app allowing people to beat her face unrecognizable. She’s received countless threats of physical violence, often with a sexual component, and threats against her family. Again, all they did was voice their opinions.

It is absolutely reasonable to boycott businesses you disagree with. I’m disappointed by the fact that Intel pulled their ads from Gamasutra over Leigh Alexander’s posts, but they have to respond to their market, and apparently enough people voiced their opposition to Alexander that Intel took notice. There’s nothing wrong with that. I have boycotted businesses I disagreed with, and I’ll probably continue to do so in the future.

Boycotts are a valid form of expression.

Threats are not.

I thought my last post would have cleared that up. I don’t understand why the internet hasn’t fallen in line.

Unfortunately, I have a pretty strong feeling that more disgusting examples that demonstrate just how slight the notion of “humanity” really is will pile up between now and when I make my next post.



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